Greetings friend,

whatever brought you here among internet’s vast possibilities of places to go is what I call the directional flow of life. Whenever we can tap into it and follow its direction with a relaxed curiosity, my worldview says that we are being with transformation, or that we are transformation in the moment.

This is essentially what I seek to bring to my own life and to the world – to align ourselves to our inner guidance, and in turn to be a presence that allows others to do the same. I find speaking about subjects like transformation, self-exploration, and spirituality to be inherently tricky since we all tend to listen from different perspectives and get drawn into our intellect rather than being together in conversation.

I’ll try to share some reflections from my heart here, seeking to answer a couple of questions I imagine you would be interested, like “who are you?”, “how do you view the world?”,“are you able to see me?”, and “are you a being that could support my path?”.

If you feel a resonance when reading this and a call to connect with me, I invite you to reach out so we can explore more together in a shared space.

"Who are you and how do you view the world?"

I’m Hampus, a transformational coach and facilitator based in Charleston, South Carolina. I live here with my wife Samantha, whom I met at a yoga retreat in Bali October of 2022.

From as early as I can remember I’ve been interested in my inner world and how it mirrors the experience of my external world. As I grew up in Sweden, life took me through a chapter immersed in sports, then, as I discovered how much I loved playing guitar, my passion shifted to music. My next chapter played out in the corporate scene, with various roles primarily in the financial sector working with change leadership.

Until somewhere around 2020 I felt my reality was split into two main directions, where one was drawn to achieving and being seen as an accomplished person, and the other direction drawn to connecting with other beings and spreading a sense of “togetherness”. After a couple of years of what felt like a constant inner struggle between the two, I was nudged into making a deep commitment to resolve this tension, to discover and live in sync with my own truth. While this is still an ongoing daily dance between my intellect and heart, I now look back and see a clear shift that took place that year. To give some context, it was a few trips to India, daily meditation, a couple of heartaches, and an overload of work that led me into a place of inner collapse, and that eventually allowed me to give up the struggle I had been experiencing for many years.

Since that moment, my calling has primarily directed me to gradually integrate all parts of my life - both shadows and light, to let go of the masks I had been previously identified with, and to learn how to share my inner journey with others as a way of coming together in love. The shift that occurred back then led me to connect deeper with what has now become my life philosophy and to live more and more in sync with my inner compass. In the following sentences are some of my truths that I seek to navigate by:

I don’t know why I am who I am or where I come from. I don’t know what happens when I die, and I don’t know where life as a whole is heading.

What I feel I know is I can be more or less aware in each given moment, and that I can choose to be
with the moment or choose to push it away.

Whenever I have the ability to
be here, I can commit to directing my attention onto being curious about whatever arises, to accept it, and to trust that the flow of life is guiding me into a path this is inherently loving, expansive and wholesome.

Whenever I am living from this place, the “me” that was, just a moment ago, being busy with being
someone and having a need for something, dissolves and life just flows through and as me. Loving decisions, actions, and experiencing union with other beings then unfold naturally.

Somehow, I know that this is the place that I am supposed to live from, where I can connect to my unique gifts and share them with the world. Essentially, the meaning of life in my view is to live in presence, give and receive love, and share our gifts freely, and, by doing so, allowing others to do the same.

These words are essentially what I mean with “transformation” - to follow the path that connects us with our deepest sense of being (both for individuals and collectives like organizations, businesses, cultures, nations, etc.), and to let go of anything that is holding us from it. I experience this as a journey of commitment, vulnerability, acceptance, and trust, amidst confusion, frustration, doubt, and pain.

The terms most of us could relate to experiencing deep transformation might be "life-crisis" or "existential-crisis". For me, these are periods when we face high degrees of friction between our current inner and external realities. More than being obstacles that disrupt our ability to be productive citizens or good partners, I see these periods as natural phases on our path of becoming, and apt opportunities to commiting deeper to our inner journey and release whatever is not serving us anymore.

My own path eventually led me into a couple of practices that are now the main containers I use in my transformational work. The first being Yoga, and especially the practices of meditation, breathwork, and physical movements that I believe help us to reveal and release old patterns that are preventing us from going deeper within.

The second is music and other artforms, which I believe allow us to practice our ability to sense what wants to be heard or wants to come through, and to be a vessel for bringing that into the world. Essentially, I experience practicing art as a way of tapping into the underlying vibrations of life and to fine-tune our attention with it until we eventually sync up fully, experience a state of flow, and end up creating art that has a certain quality of beauty to it.

The third is intentional relationships, where the context of interpersonal dynamics have the potential to bring out our deepest imprints and defences. Through working with communication, vulnerability and polarities, relationships can offer a wonderful way to inner transformation via balancing love and sensuality in a romantic relationship, and unleashing intrinsic motivation and complex collaboration within the context of organizations.

The fourth is something called Deep Transformational Coaching, which essentially aims to create an intentional partnership and a safe space, allowing us to explore and experience our own unique sense of selves, and to work in companionship to release personal gravity and embrace our underlying potential. Additionally, this practice actively invites the flow of life (you might call this something else like Spirit, Source, God, Universe, Cosmos, etc.) to be the active agent of transformation and healing.

While these are my main practices, I keep exploring and being amazed by the multitude of transformational and healing modalities. May it be dance, plant medicine, therapy, shamanic healing, surfing, forest bathing, gardening or crochet, for me they all provide the same loving opportunity – for us to let go of identification with our egoic structures, to connect deeper within, and in turn be in union with the flow of life.

"Can you see me, and are you a being that could support me on my path?"

If you would see me in a social setting or notice me walking down the street, I believe you’d experience a sense of relaxed presence and liveliness most of the time. If we would interact, you'd perhaps experience that I am here with you, allowing you freedom to be exactly who you are in the moment. Whenever I am occupied with being someone though, this wouldn’t be as true. The shadows you’d might experience from me then could be business trying to achieve something, or that I'd be a little checked out, occupied with my own world.

I share this to give an example of my own transformational journey, where I strive to keep letting go of my own shadows until I live fully present. This is what I hire coaches and other healers to support me with, and in turn where I believe we all can support each other.

With that said, the practices I mentioned above have allowed me to create intentional spaces, and to allow for shared moments that are completely free of judgement, rich with loving vibrations, and where we can see each other behind the veils of our identities. Working with me as a coach, this container is the main gift I offer - my own being in full presence. And spending time with me here could potentially be a valuable support on your inner journey.

I believe there are many others that would do a better job than me when it comes to setting achievement-oriented goals, to fire up motivation, and to hold you accountable to reach them. So, if a specific external target is what your path is calling for right now, perhaps someone focused on “results-coaching”, “career coaching”or “executive coaching” would support you more effectively than I could (I’m more than happy to explore this path with you though, and can gladly recommend other coaches if we would sense they'd be a better fit for your current needs).

If your path is calling you to go deeper within, to work on inner aspects like presence, connection, purpose, and vitality, then working with me might be a catalyzer in the right direction, and I'd be honored to explore a partnership together.  
Wherever you are right now, I am grateful for you taking time to read this, and welcome you to reach out and explore how I could support your individual or collective journey.

With light,

Hampus Blomberg

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11 holds symbolism in various ways. Among these, a significant aspect inspired its inclusion in the company name: it represents the fusion of duality, symbolizing the unity of entities once perceived as separate, such as 'you and me', 'good and bad'. or the 'physical and spiritual realms.'

'Between Elevens' reflects our ability to transcend the notion of duality, allowing us to navigate life between these distinct poles. Recognizing our interconnectedness with what we once considered external also carries practical implications for how we approach our lives:

We begin to release personal drama, fostering a natural sense of belonging, compassion, and love.

Engaging with others from a place of compassion and authenticity naturally guides our decisions.

We become more adept at balancing complex challenges and act from a space where everyone and everything holds significance, resulting in more comprehensive and sustainable outcomes.

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