Welcome to Between Elevens

Spaceholding and practices for the

"In-betweening": experiencing life from a different perspective.

Allows for a break from the mind's steady stream of "shoulds" and "musts".


Me and You
Good and Bad
This and That
Friend and Foe
Body and Spirit
Right and Wrong
Form and Formless
Real and Imaginary.

While in-betweening, the thinking mind settles down. We get a moment of stillness and a chance to connect.

It's as though the 'normal' us dissolves for a moment, making room for something else to emerge.

I find that spending time here allows me to explore my inner landscape, observing the ebb and flow of sensations, emotions, and thoughts.

And it appears that what's happening is a breaking down of old thought patterns, trimming away aspects of myself.

I've discovered that art, music, meditation, breathwork, and a particular form of deep coaching naturally encourage moments of in-betweening for me.

A few years ago, I began a journey to become skilled in some of these practices in order to share in-betweening and its practical benefits with others.

Today, I hold certifications as a coach, yoga instructor, and a breathing facilitator.

These practices are my playground for exploring how to live life in-between, and I would love the opportunity to share them with you.

As I explore my own inner transformation, I'm also seeking new ways to share these practices.

I invite you to join me in exploring the in-between. If it resonates with you, choose one of the options below to begin.

Or, if you have any unique ideas about how we could collaborate, you can contact me directly.

Experiences & offerings
Deep Coaching for inner transformation

My coaching style is grounded in Deep Transformational Coaching, a deliberately unhurried, spacious and authentic partnership that allows for introspection and personal growth.

We begin with a free consultation call where we explore and tailor a setup that best supports your journey.

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Tailored for you in the form of a longer breathing journey or focused deepening practice
For individuals and groups
Available online
No prior experience required
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A free session to discover how we might partner up to support your journey
For individuals and organizations
Facilitation & Consulting
Retreats & Experiences
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Coaching with Hampus is like being in a field of possibility. I feel such peace and calm, like lying down on cool grass, held by the space he creates — even when the topic is not easy. His incredible light + energy is so open for exploration, as he asks questions that take me further into the topic, pauses for my experience, and moves me forward into greater understanding. I go into spaces I haven’t been before each time we coach together, and uncover what hasn’t yet been healed and released. So grateful for his gifts, so grateful for my expanded life
Executive Leadership Strategist and Spiritual Life Coach
Working with Hampus is a privilege and a gift. He guides you into your own wisdom and he has an ability to bring you into depths and truth by just asking the right questions and giving you enough space to get there yourself. With Hampus by your side it will never feel like someone else told you what to do, he will only help you connect to the inner wisdom that already resides within you.

There might be coaches out there that will motivate you and inspire you and that might work for some time, but the only fulfilling and lasting results will come if you yourself tap into what it is that you want and wish to bring to this world. Hampus will be the person to help guide you into these parts and truths.
Jesper Brodén
Yoga Teacher and
Founder Brahmaki
I am so grateful for the support and guidance that Hampus contributes with through his coaching. Our conversations always land in clarity, direction and a sense of confidence. I appreciate his unique ability to listen and see what is important and pure
Linnéa Vesterlund
Social Entrepreneur,
Co-founder Pachama
Hampus opened something new and exciting inside of me.
Life-changing experience.
Patrick Wallén
Owner & CEO Kapitalanalyser, Solcellsbolaget
Anytime we talk I step away enriched. Hampus helps you get a taste of your true life.
Petter Wannerberg
Research Engineer and VR Developer, Research Insitute of Sweden

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Frequently asked questions

Why 'Between Elevens'?

11 holds symbolism in various ways. Among these, a significant aspect inspired its inclusion in the company name: it represents the fusion of duality, symbolizing the unity of entities once perceived as separate, such as 'you and me', 'good and bad'. or the 'physical and spiritual realms.'

'Between Elevens' reflects our ability to transcend the notion of duality, allowing us to navigate life between these distinct poles. Recognizing our interconnectedness with what we once considered external also carries practical implications for how we approach our lives:

We begin to release personal drama, fostering a natural sense of belonging, compassion, and love.

Engaging with others from a place of compassion and authenticity naturally guides our decisions.

We become more adept at balancing complex challenges and act from a space where everyone and everything holds significance, resulting in more comprehensive and sustainable outcomes.

Could I hire you for consulting services?

Absolutely. I provide consulting services in facilitation, leadership, strategy, communication, and design. Click here to get in touch.