Welcome to between elevens.

For living in presence together.

Heart-centered spaces for navigating life, inter-being, and spirituality.

Shared Presence
Deep Transformational Coaching
Heart-centered and meditative conversations for embodying our authentic selves

1. Explore, earnestly and freely, what wants to happen at the core of being

2. Let go of limiting patterns and unresolved pain by practicing acceptance

3. Embrace shifts into desired states of being by practicing trust

Coaching for inner exploration and self-healing based on three pillars:

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75 min online session. $111


for coaches and other health practitioners who seek to deepen their ability to support inner transformation


Coaching by request
All are welcome


Our sessions typically take place during 75-minute calls via phone or Zoom. Other requests are welcome. All backgrounds, philosophical beliefs, and spiritual faiths are welcome. Learn more about *Deep Transformational Coaching and the Center For Transformational Coaching

Breath journeys & practices

Breath coaching online
Techniques and guidance to deepen your practice.
60 min. $111

Breath journey online
Dynamic or balancing - catered to your needs.
60 min. $111

Breath journey in-person, for events and groups
Tailored experience for individuals, private gatherings, collective events or organizations.

Facilitation &
Holistic Design for


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Transformational Facilitation & Consulting

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Through Between Elevens, I offer spaces for inner exploration and healing, and support organizations with various initiatives. I also teach Deep Coaching at the Center For Transformational Coaching.

My work centers around nurturing presence and shifts in being, and facilitating holistic collaboration. For some 10 years, I've ventured in the realms of change leadership, contemplative practices, and coaching. I reside in-between Stockholm and Charleston, SC, together with my wife Samantha.

Feel free to reach out for a chat and explore how we might collaborate together.

With light, Hampus Blomberg

Coaching with Hampus is like being in a field of possibility. I feel such peace and calm, like lying down on cool grass, held by the space he creates — even when the topic is not easy. His incredible light + energy is so open for exploration, as he asks questions that take me further into the topic, pauses for my experience, and moves me forward into greater understanding. I go into spaces I haven’t been before each time we coach together, and uncover what hasn’t yet been healed and released. So grateful for his gifts, so grateful for my expanded life
Executive Leadership Strategist and Spiritual Life Coach
Working with Hampus is a privilege and a gift. He guides you into your own wisdom and he has an ability to bring you into depths and truth by just asking the right questions and giving you enough space to get there yourself. With Hampus by your side it will never feel like someone else told you what to do, he will only help you connect to the inner wisdom that already resides within you.

There might be coaches out there that will motivate you and inspire you and that might work for some time, but the only fulfilling and lasting results will come if you yourself tap into what it is that you want and wish to bring to this world. Hampus will be the person to help guide you into these parts and truths.
Jesper Brodén
Yoga Teacher and
Founder Brahmaki
I am so grateful for the support and guidance that Hampus contributes with through his coaching. Our conversations always land in clarity, direction and a sense of confidence. I appreciate his unique ability to listen and see what is important and pure
Linnéa Vesterlund
Social Entrepreneur,
Co-founder Pachama
Hampus opened something new and exciting inside of me.
Life-changing experience.
Patrick Wallén
Owner & CEO Kapitalanalyser, Solcellsbolaget
Anytime we talk I step away enriched. Hampus helps you get a taste of your true life.
Petter Wannerberg
Research Engineer and VR Developer, Research Insitute of Sweden